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Data de înscriere : 13/03/2010
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MesajSubiect: [TORRENT]Prototype-XBOX360   Dum Mai 16, 2010 1:12 pm


Publisher/Developer: Activision

Pre Date: 03th jun 2009

Category: Action

Info: 75 rars / xxx.p*

Region: NTSC/RF

Hey you lame sheep nukers If you look at the "rules" you claim to know so well you

should read that not only have we signed the rulles we helped make them. Now the only

reason is for the rars to be 15,20,50,100mb is so teh total files dont make it over 100

witch messes with some GL configs. Now only people that are nuking this are lame groups

that get mad that we KICK THERE ASSES time and time again.. to all those you can GO FUCK

yourselfs. and nukers that really nuke this just proves that you dont know what your doing

and shouldent be a nuker in the first place

Link : 4932674/Prototype-XBOX360

Privesc, dar nu te vad,
Ascult, dar nu te aud...
[benQ] ;x
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